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Sub: YMCA Roller Skating Road Race-24th Feb'2013

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The Bombay YMCA – Bandra Branch will be conducting YMCA Roller Skating Road Race on Sunday 24th February, 2013 between 9.00 am to 11 00 am. The Road Race is organised for the children in the age group of U – 6 years, U - 8 years, U-10 years, U – 12 years and U-14 years.

The Event will be organised on Carter Road, Bandra. The starting point will be opposite Café Coffee Day. The route followed will be Café Coffee Day to Otters Club and back. Every year we have conducted this Event successfully and this was possible only with your support and co-operation.

We would like to request you to encourage your students to participated in this event. 

RULES, REGULATIONS AND SCHEDULE Reporting for all age groups at 8.30 am at Bandra Y.M.C.A


Last date of accepting entries is 16th February , 2013 before 7:00 pm.




Hard helmets and body suits are compulsory.

Races will be held on Carter Road for Quads and Inline

Quad Skaters cannot participate in Inline events and vice versa

Chest numbers will be issued at the Bandra YMCA Office on 18st & 19th February 2013.

Participants must carry a photocopy of Birth Certificate.

Entry Fees: Rs.300 for each event 

BIRTH           YEARS (as on 1st Jan 2013) BOYS & GIRLS   METERS

0-6 Yrs.         2007 & After                               BOYS & GIRLS     300 mts.

6-8 Yrs.         2005 – 2006                              BOYS & GIRLS    1000 mts.

8-10 Yrs.       2003 – 2004                              BOYS & GIRLS    1250 mts.

10-12 Yrs.     2001 – 2002                              BOYS & GIRLS    1500 mts.

12-14 Yrs.    1999 – 2000                               BOYS & GIRLS    2000 mts.

14 & Above 1998 and before                         BOYS & GIRLS    2000 mts

all those interested in participating, kindly contact Ajay Sir on 9821208588 or Dhiraj Sir on 9821135688.

Virar-OPen Sate Roller Skating Championship-17th Feb'13

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Open State Roller Skating Championship-2013

Venue:- International Roller Sports Centre- Virar West, Yashwant Nagar.

Date:17th February 2013

Championship Fees: Quads_Rs.200/- and Inline _Rs.300/-


8am RoadII Inline Ascending order

11am RinkII Quads ascending order

11am RinkIV Inline ascending order

4pm RinkV Inline ascending order

4pm RinkII Quads ascending order.

Age Groups:-Under 5yrs(2008 and below), Under ^yrs(2007), 6-8(2005-2006),

8-10(2003-2004), 10-12(2001-2002), 12-14(1999-2000)Abv14yrs(1998 & before).

all those interested in participating, kindly contact Ajay Sir on 9821208588 or Dhiraj Sir on 9821135688 by 15th Feb'13 before 6.30pm.

ROLLOFIGHTERS rock in local competitions

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Shubham Parkar & Rida Shinde to Arjun Nichani----youngest fastest to the eldest fastest-we got’em all at ROLL - O - FIT.

and we also have some great achievers in -Nivaan Joshi, Lakshya Vasandani, Akiva, Rahil Mullick, Rehaan Sethi, Siddh Zaveri, Nirmit Shah, Isha, Inayaa Gehani, Adithya Warya, Kanav Seth, Aryan Midha, Abhivira Singh, Danil Chitalia, Mitansh Shah, Anaya Gehi, Natasha Rao, Arav Kothari, Preetik Parmar, Bhoomik Parmar, Hitanshi Parmar, Jahaan Vora, Navya Mahendru, Aamna Pandrowala, Delrine Irani, Tirth Shah, Haram Khan, Sara Kage, Riyansh Bhatia, Akash Puranik, Khushi Shah, Naitik Vora, Shriya Gothi, Prerana Ramnani, Aryaman Emmanuel, Neel Gala, Umaima Anis, Jaival Shah, Anoushka Chandarana, Rutvi Gothi, Namrata Asrani.....

with 20 winners on Mumbai platform-rollofighters added the required glitter for the festive season.

Skating personalities

Akassh~~~~~~~~~just took off-reached-landed before all

Anaya~~~~~~~~don’t underestimate girl power

Anoushka~~~~~~be in control

Arjun~~~~~~~~~roll - o - fit aeroplane, aesthetics at its best on skates

Aryaman~~~~~~I too can

Danil~~~~~~~~~next aeroplane in making, speed guru

Isha~~~~~~~~~~seen it done it, first time

Jaival~~~~~~~~~just there

Khushi~~~~~~~~will do it when I wanna

Mitansh~~~~~~~try stopping him

Namrata~~~~~~will hit when it hurts

Natasha-~~~~~~calm and fast

Nirmit~~~~~~~~~just entered the competitive world

Nivaan~~~~~~~~he can talk while racing and win it too

Rahil~~~~~~~~~proven, got what it takes

Rida~~~~~~~~~cutest, youngest, fastest among all girls

Riyansh~~~~~~~watching the finish line from every corner

Rutvi~~~~~~~~~sheer determination

Shriya~~~~~~~~know what I gotta do

Shubham~~~~~~youngest fastest-long way to roll

Details of 23rd Mumbai Suburban District Championship 2012

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DATE 13th & 14th October2012


The age group will be decided as on 1st Jan, 2012

1. All the rules of R.S.F.I. and S.A.M. will prevail.

2. NO entry form will be accepted without SCHOOL BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE for age proof and ENTRY FEES.

3. Last date for accepting entries is 8th October’12. NO ENTRY WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 6.00 pm

4. Hard helmets and skin tight body suits of respective clubs are compulsory.

5. Quads Rink Races will be held at Goregaon Sports Club while Inline Rink Races will be at H.M.P.S. Andheri [W}

6. A skater can participate and get selected in either INLINE or QUADS skate.

7. ENTRY FEES: Rs 500/ for Speed and Artistic per skater (Pair skating Rs500/ per skater), Rs5000/ for Roller Hockey team (10 skaters including 2 Goalkeepers)

8. A Skater should be bonafide student in the participating District.

Birth year Boys/Girls    RINK I    RINK II A    RINK II    ROAD I    RINK III    RINK IV    RINK V    R0AD II

0-6yrs 2006 &after       ---------      500            1000       _____      ----------       500          1000      -----------

6-8yrs 2004-05            ----------     500            1000       _____        -------         500           1000      ----------

8-10yrs 2002-03            300         500            1000        1500           300          500          1000        2000

10-12yrs 01-00              300         500            1000        2000           300          500           1000       2000


12-14yrs 1999-98         300         500             1000        3000           300          500          1000        3000


14-16yrs 1997- 96        300         500             1000        3000           300          500          1000        5000


16yrs&above                300         500             1000        3000           300          500           1000       5000

1995 &before

distance in meters.

Non selection groups below 8 yrs in INLINE and QUADS category , there will be two Rink races on 13th October’12 . Participation and merit certificates will be given to all the skaters. U/4, U/5, (QUADS and INLINE) Only one race 0f 500 Mts in Rink ENTRY FEES Rs 300/ ONLY

Rollofighters now WORLD RANKERS

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Rollofighters ANOUSHKA, JAIVAL and ARJUN rocked at the 6th World Freestyle Skating Championship 2012 held on 23-25th August 2012 at Lishui, China.

 ANOUSHKA CHANDARANA - The best junior speed slalom skater in India is now officially World Ranking No.17

JAIVAL SHAH -4th best junior freestyle skater in India is now officially World Ranking No.20

ARJUN NICHANI - 4th best senior speed slalom skater in India is now officially World Ranking No.37.

No words to explain the pride that thesee skaters have brought to us.

Thank you for putting ROLL - O - FIT on the world map.

ROLLOFIGHTERS represent India for 6th World Freestyle Skating Championship 2012.

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Rollofighters ANOUSHKA CHANDARANA, JAIVAL SHAH & ARJUN NICHANI will represent INDIA at the 6th World Freestyle Skating Championship 2012 to be held in Li Shui City in China from 22nd to 27th August 2012.

Best of luck to all.

need we say more

India's first ICP level 2 certified

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SINGAPORE -we'll be rolling our way there

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It's time to plan a roll in Singapore, how about some skating skills development and organised night skating tour in this beautiful city?


ROLL - O - FIT has entered into a tie up with a Singapore based skating club. Very soon we will be planning our first trip there. 

Check us out

ROLL - O - FIghTers rock

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ROLL – O – FIghTers rock

In the just held Maharashtra State Roller Skating Championship 2011 at Pune from 12th to 15th Jan’12.

ROLLOFIghTers made us proud by securing 3 out of 6gold medals that were cornered by Mumbai in the Inline Speed category.


ANOUSHKA CHANDARANA - 2 gold & 1 silver medal,

RIYANSH BHATIA                     - 1 gold

NAITIK VORA                             - 1 bronze

ARJUN NICHANI once again proved to be the fastest short distance skater in Mumbai by clocking 30.54 seconds for 300meters.

ANOUSHKA CHANDARANA (National Speed Skating Championship Winner 2009) also received the trophy as an individual champion in the 10-12 years Girls Inline category and will be representing Maharashtra State for the RSFI Nationals to be held in Bangalore from 24th to 28th January 2012.

ISHAN KULKARNI, SHREYA KASLE, KHUSHI SHAH, YUG MORAMKAR, AKASH PURANIK, KIYOSHI DOLIA, SARA KAGE and HARAM KHAN, realized that their achievement is nothing as compared to what they are capable of and 2012 will be even more enterprising.